Raghu Kumar R's 6 Sutras & 12 Pillars of Health & Longevity, 5 Components & 9 conditions of Health & Longevity will change the way the World understands health & well being of oneself, family, community, country and the entire world. 

"Thankfulness, Blessing, Forgiveness, Faith and Prayer 
are the most powerful habits and practices that can cleanse one's body and mind, 
slowly but steadily improving your health and setting 
you on a platform of longevity"

Come, now is the time...
"It is my earnest desire to every individual alive to be a part of this great beginning. Love your self, so that you may also love others. The only way we love ourselves is by taking care of our personal health and the eco-system. Hence we are available fit and sound to care and love our family and fellow citizens. " -Raghu Kumar R

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"Increase Your Good Weight Every Day.  Increase Your Good Thoughts and 
Actions Every Day for the Rest of Your Life" 
Raghu Kumar R

Founder - Health & Longavity Program

Raghu Kumar R's 6 Sutras & 12 Pillars

R.K's 12 Pillars of 

Health & Longevity


Cardio-Vascular Endurance

Bone Mineral Density

Active Muscle Percentage

Muscular Endurance

Joint Strength

Range of Motion

Good Thoughts

Good Bacteria

Good Cholesterol

Lymphatic System Performance

Endocrine System Performance

Central Nervous System Performance