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The WLW Foundation is a registered non-profit organisation that enjoys exemptions under 12A and 80G from the Income Tax department of India which works towards its Primary Projects:-The empowerment of persons who are blind & living with speech dsabilities, homeless, living in slums and among communities in cricis through the RUNNING DREAMS peoject.



  1. Youth Living Rural Areas
  2. Youth who are homeless
  3. Youth Living in Slums
  4. Blind & Visually Challenged Youth
  5. Youth with hearing & Speech Disablities


AIMS of Running Dreams:

  1. Giving Dignity to a human
  2. Giving Health & Happiness
  3. Employment Opportunities

PRL - RUNNING DREAM STAR By deciding to become a RUNNING DREAM STAR you have made the greatest decision of changing the lives of youth/young adults who are homeless, living in slums, from communities in crisis and rural areas.  Supporting or Running for the Premier Running League as a Running Dream Star is a great way to be part of something truly worthwhile. Most of time competitive goals create pressure, tension and anxiety about performance, whereas greater and non-individualist purposes inherently move us beyond our ego, directing our attention to something bigger like the PRL CHAMPIONSHIP charity focused event.



    The RUNNUNG DREAMS PROJECT was founded by Raghu Kumar R to provide an opportunity and platform for youth & young adults living in slums and among communities in crisis to elevate themselves through road running and marathons. The project also supports promising youth runners in coaching and participation in running events.