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Bengaluru Running Club





The BENGALURU RC (BENGALURU Running Club) promotes running, health & longevity programs and products in association with the WLW Foundation. Welcome to our BRC UNITS nos 1 to 198  Each Unit is made up of:-

1.BRC Ward President

2. One Lead Male Runner

3. One Lead Female Road Runner

4. Road Runners and Park Walkers 

The following are the lists of our BRC UNITS spread across Bengaluru City. Click on the link below for more details:-


BENGALURU RUNNING CLUB also known as BENGALURU RC is a member of the Premier Running League, India. Our Runners participate in the PRL Championship every year that is held on 8 running circuits in 8 different cities in India.


Through our BRC WARD UNITS we promote running and fitness programs for people from all walks of life.