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R.K's Health & Longevity DAILY Nutrition & HEALTH Products


Raghu Kumar R

Founder-Health & Longevity Program

Sri Raghu Kumar R

Founder WLW Health & Longevity Program


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(Weight Loss Wonder) Raghu Kumar's health & longevity program is for people from all walks of life; Yes! Its for everyone with a desire to live a life of fullness enjoying every moment and matter creation has to offer. ‘Weight Loss’ or ‘Decrease’ are negative words that we are being misguided with in this world but the Supreme Creators “WONDER” is seen in the creation that only promotes growth.


When a child is conceived in the mother’s womb, the two celled child rapidly multiplies or increases and we call it LIFE, on the other hand if this same child stops multiplying/increasing, or the adult stops increasing we call it DEATH.


From the very first second as a zygote to the very last day of our life we continue to increase and the moment we stop increasing we die. Let us reason together today and channelize all our energy towards “Restoring Life – Let’s Do It together”.  


“For a long time now the World has been knowingly or unknowingly following the negative path of decrease, destroy, delay, deny. Raghu Kumar’s Health & Longevity Program on the other hand has been recommending increase, restore and reconcile.


The WLW Program guides you to systematically increase the 12 pillars of health & longevity every day through R.K's Movements, Nutrition and Life Style."


Sri Raghu Kumar R

Founder WLW Health & Longevity Program



Sri Raghu Kumar’s Health & Longevity Mantra:

‘Increase your good weight every day. Increase your good thoughts and actions every day for the rest of your life.”


Yes! All you do is increase your good weight every day and your bad weight will automatically decrease….. What is this good weight we are talking about...


Yes! Increase the good weight - The Twelve pillars of health & longevity:-

  • Cardio Vascular Endurance

  • Bone Mineral & Density

  • Active Muscle Percentage

  • Muscular Endurance

  • Joint Strength

  • Range of Motion

  • Good Thoughts

  • Good Cholesterol

  • Good Bacteria

  • Lymphatic System Performance

  • Endocrine System Performance

  • Central Nervous System Performance




(Note: The below nutrition must not be processed, packed or powdered but should be consumed in its natural form only)


  2. ARTEMESIA PLANT (consumed as air, leaf, juice)
  3. MYROBALAM or KADUKKAI (Should be powdered and Eaten)
  4. RAW TURMERIC ROOT (consumed in its natural form)
  5. RAW ARROW ROOT (consumed after steeming) 
  6. RAW LEMON (consumed as juice / boiled along with ginger)
  7. RAW ASHWAGANDHA ROOT (consumed in its natural form)
  8. UNPROCESSED GREEN TEA LEAVES (consumed after boiling)
  9. UNPROCESSED CANNABIS LEAVES (consumed in its natural form)